Diana Cucos is a senior researcher at the Institute of Legal, Political and Sociological Research and an associate professor at the University of European Studies from Moldova. She has been a visiting scholar and a visiting professor at a number of universities in the Czech Republic (Masaryk), Estonia (Tartu), Italy (Verona, EUI), Sweden (Malmö), the UK (Essex) and the US (Michigan, Georgetown). 

The most recent institutional projects that she has been involved are: 15.817.06.10F Reshaping Moldova`s Internal and External Policy in the Context of Integrationist Processes and Geopolitical Changes in the International System (2015-2018) and 11.817.07.03F  Consolidation and Development of the Rule of Law in the Context of the European Integration (2011-2014). She is also a member of several COST actions related to her field of research and teaching.

Diana is a graduate of Moldova State University (PhD, License in Law). Her current research interests relate to public international law including its history, human rights, diplomatic and consular law, migration and the status of humans in international law. She has published widely in the fields of human rights, human rights protection of migrant workers, and diplomatic and consular protection. So far, she has taught international law, human rights law and the law of international organizations.