Marina Gorbatiuc is scientific researcher and doctoral student of the Center of Political Research and International Relations of ILPSR. The main field of her scientific interests includes the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the study of the history and foundation of this Organization, its relations with other countries, all documents, articles, books and monographs, research of the history, the present day situation and perspectives in relations between Republic of Moldova and OSCE, as well as the OSCE Mission’s top priority to help to resolve the transnistrian conflict, the strengthening of the rule of law in Moldova, supporting election processes, and developing a free environment for the media in our country. Marina Gorbatiuc participates in the project “Social and political modernization of the Republic of Moldova in the context of European integration enlargement process” (2015-2018). Her research in the frame of this project led to the conclusion that there are good perspectives of collaboration of Republic of Moldova with OSCE, also a thorough description is given by her to the issues of security, economics, human rights, and the problem of adopting a strategy against threats to security and stability of the Republic of Moldova.