Serghei Sprincean is the scientific secretary of the Institute of Legal, Political and Sociological Research and the research coordinator in the Centre of Strategic Research of ILPSR. He is author of over 150 scientific publications, including 7 monographs and 7 textbooks. He participated in over 180 international conferences, symposiums and round tables, being involved in research of various issues of humanities and social sciences, such as the specific of assuring human security in transitional societies to democracy, correlation of morality with politics as well as of politics with bioethics and human rights, the role of interests and pressure groups and of the civil society in decision making. He actively participated in a significant number of national and international projects since 2005.

Doctor habilitat in political sciences S. Sprincean participated in such projects as ”The development of legal framework of Republic of Moldova in the context of the necessities in security and in assuring European path” (2015 - 2018), ”Interaction between state and civil society in Republic of Moldova in the context of deepening of democratic reforms” (2011 - 2014), ”Management of the problems related to transnistrian conflict and withdrawal of foreign troops” (2013 as coordinator of the project), ”Resources, mechanisms and effects of realization of political power in Republic of Moldova” (2009 - 2010), ”Functionality and impact of NGOs from Ukraine and Republic of Moldova on decision making factor” (2010–2011), “Environmental Ethics in Teaching Social Sciences and Humanities”, OSI Budapest, HESP, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences (2007 –2010). Also, he is UNESCO expert in Ethics, according GEOBs database, since 2008.